Contemporary Loneliness

3 channel video installation (2009)

One of the most significant problems of the contemporary world is alienation. The improvement of the means of communication has achieved contradiction to its primary goal-instead of bringing people together; it has led to alienation and loneliness. The concept of friendship has lost its true meaning. A man’s primeval need for physical contact and actual encounter has been masked with ‘fake’ friends, and the lack of self-esteem in a real world has been compensated in a virtual one by creating ‘new ME.’ The more an individual is active in an online social networking, the lonelier they become. While the number of online friends is growing, the number of real ones is decreasing. Conclusively, those ‘fake’ friends become one’s only friends, because one forgets the old ones if not met in the online world.

There are three screens displaying loneliness in three different ways:
Contemporary loneliness I voyeurism and the fear of actual encounter Contemporary loneliness II desire for communication and the lack of feedback Contemporary loneliness III selfishness and autism

It is planned, that the observer, surrounded by the screens, plays the role of the fourth side. That side, finally, closes the square. The only ‘real’ inside that closed space are the objects, used by the participants in this video installation and the observer. Everything else is ‘fake.’ The actors played their roles and left, leaving the observer with the possibility to add a new dimension to the representation of loneliness.
Contemporary loneliness I
Contemporary loneliness II
Contemporary loneliness III